The Game


Time needed: 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Game Play

  1. SHOOT!

    Buds | Rosin | Kief –> Get Power Ups!

  2. AVOID!

    Buds | Rosin | Kief

  3. Get the Triple Joint

    Vaporize Big Buds, Rack Up the Points! 

  4. Defeat Secret Enemy

    MAD Power Ups!

Power Ups Include:

– Donuts
– Cheeseburgers
– Bongs

Home Made Sound Effects Include:

– Flick of a Lighter
– Bong Inhale on Power Ups
– Po-Po Siren

All Music Appears Courtesy:

– Technorganic Recordings
– Zed Bias
– Audio Jungle

Various Artists

All tracks © individual artists used under licensed permission.
Links to their sites.


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